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Big B humbled by Chris Gayle’s gift!


The senior Bachchan received a pleasant surprise in the form of a bat that is autographed and gifted by one of fans, who is a big name himself in the international cricket arena. Yes! The fan is none other than Chris Gayle. The swashbuckling West Indies cricketer, known for his fancy lifestyle, his wacky comments, and weird behavior, loves Big B’s movies and his style. He presented his Spartan bat to Big B and feels proud of gifting it to the legendary actor.

The cricket expressed his joy of gifting his bat to the Bollywood Megastar in this way, “Proud to gift my Spartan bat to a legend @srbachchan, love his movies and his style, legend. Thanks @spartancricket

The Bollywood Megastar was astonished to know that the cricketer is his fan. To reciprocate the gesture of love, he gifted two books written on his life to Chris Gayle. In his tweet, the Megastar even expressed his doubt about the West Indian knowing him and was thrilled to know the reach of Bollywood movies to the Caribbean Island.

The two great entertainers in their respective fields will soon meet each other when Chris Gayle comes to India for IPL.


OMG! Who wants to kill Salman Khan?


Lashing out at each other through social media platforms or spewing venom on adversaries in interviews is common in Bollywood. Celebrities of the B-town seldom indulge in threatening or killing their rivalries howsoever deep the grudge may be. They never take bitterness seriously or to the extent of murdering someone. After all, it is not the culture in Bollywood. This is what baffling the fans and the Mumbai Police after a call threatening to shoot Salman Khan was made to the Mumbai Police.

The police probably draw a list of people from the film industry bearing animosity towards the actor. But they found no one within the industry wanting to kill Salman Khan. So naturally, the focus turned on outsiders. And it didn’t take long for the police to trace the call location. They found that the hoax call was made from a PCO at Marine Drive. The police even checked the CCTV footage but didn’t succeed as the camera had limited coverage. They then made a call to Salman Khan and inquired if he received any death threat call. Fortunately, the actor didn’t receive any such call.

The police assumed the cowardice and unsocial act was committed by a drunkard under inebriated condition. However, they are thinking of increasing the security of the superstar.

Find out why all are waiting for the release of Neerja!


Certain stories are worth telling through the celluloid. One among those is of Neerja Bhanot’s, who was awarded the Ashok Chakra posthumously for her valor, intelligence, indomitable spirit, and saving 350 passengers of a hijacked plane. She was an air-hostess in Pan Am 73 flight that was hijacked on 5 September 1986 by Philistine terrorists. With her sheer determination, presence of mind, and bravery, she saved the passengers and crew and embraced death by covering three children from bullets shot by the terrorists. A biopic on the life of this brave-heart is releasing tomorrow, 19 February, 2016. Sonam Kapoor is playing Neerja and Shamana Azmi her mother.


A special screening of the film was held for a few selected celebrities of the B-town and cricketing fraternity. Several reputed names attended the show and were left speechless. The emotion, fear, and struggle to come out of a near-to-death situation was so overwhelming that, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan were left teary-eyed. Though the PK star is known for shedding tears anywhere and instantly, for which he is usually trolled on the social media, it was rare to see the Greek god shed tears. Amir admitted that the performance delivered by Shabana Azmi made his eyes watery. Hrithik also confirmed that this is for the first time he cried this much seeing a film. He said the film is inspiring, outstanding, and Sonam has given a tremendous performance.

Not only these two, all who have had the privilege of watching the film before the release have spared no words in praising the film, its makers and the lead actors. After receiving numerous positive comments, the makers are in a jubilant mood. For them, the box-office collection now holds no importance as they got what they were yearning for – appreciation.

One more thing that is worth adding here is that Neerja’s parents didn’t demand any royalty for their beloved and brave daughter’s story from the makers.

SRK’s car pelted with stone in Ahmedabad


On his 50th birthday, three months ago, SRK committed a blunder by expressing his views on the current and ongoing issues in India. In a ceremony organized by the Indian Express Group to congratulate him on his birthday, he commented on India becoming an ‘intolerant’ country. At that time, he had no idea that he is touching a naked and live wire that would give a jolt of 400 watts. His intolerance remark earned him many opponents. The more irked were the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Though King Khan clarified his stance on the ‘intolerance’ remark soon after, VHP requested people not to watch his movie ‘Dilwale,’ on Twitter and Facebook. They even branded him as a terrorist and ‘Pakistani.’ Perhaps their request was well received and got transpired into the dismal performance of the movie at the domestic box office.

Now in spite of 12 weeks to the fateful incident, anger over the remarks seems seldom to die. Recently, VHP supporters disrupted the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Raees’ in Ahmedabad. After sensing normalcy, SRK visited the city on Sunday for a shooting. As the news of him being in the city was difficult to hide, it soon caught the attention of his adversaries. To vent their anger against his comment, six to seven people came on bikes and hurled stones at his black Mercedes parked outside the location. Luckily, the actor was inside the ancient mosque for the shoot and not in his car.

Soon after the incident, security of King Khan was beefed up. The incident didn’t hamper the spirit of the actor though. After finishing the shooting, he came out and waved at the fans standing outside the mosque for his one glimpse in his signature style.

When the report came in the late evening, police have arrested seven people.

The director and actors of Mastizaade land in a legal soup


Despite not doing a good business at the box office, the sex comedy ‘Mastizaade’ is in the news again due to a string of FIRs filed against its director and lead actors. Gaurav Gulati, an advocate from Delhi has registered a complaint against them in Delhi. The reason for filing the complaint was due to a scene in the movie in which Sunny Leone and Vir Das are seen promoting condom inside a temple in a vulgar manner.

This is not the only complaint registered against those associated with the movie. In fact, there are two other complaints filed separately by an army personnel named Sanmukh Roa, and his wife Vasudha Soni. Roa has raised an objection because of a few scenes that insult the dignity of women and mothers of army personnel. His wife has registered a complaint with the National Commission for Women, as some parts in the movie disrespect Army women in general.

The charges filed by Gulati are not trivial. He has accused Sunny Leone, Vir Das, Tusshar Kapoor, and Milap Zaveri of hurting religious sentiments of Hindus, criminal conspiracy, insulting religious beliefs, polarizing and fostering enmity between groups.

For all these charges, the judicial system can award five-year imprisonment to the guilty. Do you think it is possible in India?

Preity Zinta to wed 10-year younger Gene Goodenough on Valentine’s Day


Preity Zinta is ready to take the nuptial vows with her boyfriend Gene Goodenough. Gene is a financial analyst and 10 years younger than she. The two met a year-and-a-half ago when she was on a tour of America. They got connected with each other and started dating. Gene also joined her in the IPL auction and was seen with her during the final of IPL 2015.

According to a leading entertainment website, the two were supposed to get married in January. But nothing happened as expected. Maybe, the IPL auction left no time on their hands, or they were just for a special day falling on February 14. As the day is approaching near, sources have divulged that the wedding is going to be a five-day affair starting two days before the Valentine’s Day. The actress has called all her friends from the B-town to reserve their dates for the wedding celebration, which is planned to take place in Los Angeles and will go on till February 16.

Ironically, when the news about their affair surfaced, Preity denied it. She also ruled out marriage taking place in January. However, she assured fans that when the right time and day appear, she will reveal the good news.

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora to end their marriage of 17 years


For Bollywood, 2016 has not started on a good note. Break up and divorce seemed the trend of the season proving the fragility of love and marriage relationships among celebrities. The new year rolled on with a shocking break up news between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. While the impact of the report of parting of these love birds was about to settle, the news of Farhaan Akhtar and Adhuna filing for a divorce made it worse to recover. As the B-town was trying to figure out what is going wrong between celebrity couples, a shocking and heartbreaking report of Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora heading for a divorce started hitting the internet.

What started as a whisper during the shooting of the reality show ‘Power Couple,’ got bolder and stronger with Malaika moving out of their Bandra residence with her son Arhaan and living in an apartment in Khar. There are also reports that the couple didn’t share the same room during the shooting and hardly talk to each other. Trouble in their marriage became obvious with Malaika’s absence at Arpita Khan’s baby shower held recently.

When the manager of the actress was questioned about the couple deciding to end their marriage, he replied “As far as I know they are very much in love and are not headed for a divorce.”

Now what doomed their blissful married life is not certain yet, we hope the couple work out on their differences, if any, and save their 17 years of marriage.