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“Shivaay” trailer is super exciting and of Hollywood caliber!

It seems the dream project of actor-director Ajay Devgn has turned out quite well. The amount of efforts Ajay and his team has put in the film is quite evident from the trailer that was released yesterday, August 7 in Indore at a fan club. The trailer is thrilling, captivating, and hands down of Hollywood caliber. In fact, it is better than any Hollywood movie trailer released recently.

The 3 minutes and 50 second trailer opens with Ajay Devgan in handcuffs and battered looks. Then the camera pans towards the snowy mountains where he is seen jumping from one cliff to another with an ice axe in hand. The mountain scenes appear quite realistic and are powerful enough to have audiences sit on the edge of their seats. After capturing excitement on the snowy mountains, the actor is shown fighting and being chased over by supposedly thugs and even cops in the city. The scene in which he jumps out of a police van that is about to fall from the top of a dam in handcuffed condition is beautifully done. There is also some fine emotional moments of a father and daughter between Ajay and Abigail Eames, who is playing his on-screen daughter. Overall, the trailer is all about Ajay, his action, emotions, and the breathtaking visuals.

One thing that puts this trailer apart from other Bollywood movies is that it doesn’t provide any hints about what the film is. You can only guess that Ajay has been forced by someone to go on a mission high above the snowy mountains either to find some hidden treasure or an elixir to gain immortality. Still, the trailer is exciting and engaging.

As a promotional strategy, the trailer is going to be attached with Akshay Kumar’s “Rustom” releasing on August 12. But the film will be released on October during Diwali.

Find out why all are waiting for the release of Neerja!


Certain stories are worth telling through the celluloid. One among those is of Neerja Bhanot’s, who was awarded the Ashok Chakra posthumously for her valor, intelligence, indomitable spirit, and saving 350 passengers of a hijacked plane. She was an air-hostess in Pan Am 73 flight that was hijacked on 5 September 1986 by Philistine terrorists. With her sheer determination, presence of mind, and bravery, she saved the passengers and crew and embraced death by covering three children from bullets shot by the terrorists. A biopic on the life of this brave-heart is releasing tomorrow, 19 February, 2016. Sonam Kapoor is playing Neerja and Shamana Azmi her mother.


A special screening of the film was held for a few selected celebrities of the B-town and cricketing fraternity. Several reputed names attended the show and were left speechless. The emotion, fear, and struggle to come out of a near-to-death situation was so overwhelming that, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan were left teary-eyed. Though the PK star is known for shedding tears anywhere and instantly, for which he is usually trolled on the social media, it was rare to see the Greek god shed tears. Amir admitted that the performance delivered by Shabana Azmi made his eyes watery. Hrithik also confirmed that this is for the first time he cried this much seeing a film. He said the film is inspiring, outstanding, and Sonam has given a tremendous performance.

Not only these two, all who have had the privilege of watching the film before the release have spared no words in praising the film, its makers and the lead actors. After receiving numerous positive comments, the makers are in a jubilant mood. For them, the box-office collection now holds no importance as they got what they were yearning for – appreciation.

One more thing that is worth adding here is that Neerja’s parents didn’t demand any royalty for their beloved and brave daughter’s story from the makers.

Akshay dazzles in the official trailer of “Airlift”!


Many unpleasant happenings have occurred in the past around the world. It is under such circumstances that endurance, sacrifice, patience, strength, and virtue are tested. And when all these basic human instincts are combined, something heroic comes out of the tragedies. The upcoming film “Airlift” directed by Raja Menon and produced by Bhushan Kumar, is based on a true event we all Indians are not familiar to. Thanks to the makers of this movie for bringing us a heroic act of saving the lives of thousands of Indian on a foreign soil.

“Airlift” is an edge-of-the-seat thriller, and it shows the suffering of people during the Gulf War that started in early 1990. That was the time Iraq attacked and took over major cities of Kuwait. The atrocity committed by the Iraqi army against the people of Kuwait made lives hell for the population. The war not only affected people of Kuwait, but also 1,70,000 Indians working there. The war snatched away all the hard-earned money and shelters from the Indians in a jiffy.

Amidst all the commotion, one Mr. Ranjit Katiyal, an Indian-born Kuwaiti businessman (played by Akshay Kumar), emerged as the hero for the Indians stranded on the warn-torn country. Though he lost everything in the war, yet he planned, coordinated, and supported the Indian government in successfully rescuing 1,70,000 homeless and moneyless Indians stranded in Kuwait. Owing to the success of the rescue mission, it has landed a place in the Guinness Book as the biggest successful civilian evacuations in the world.

The official trailer launched today on the Internet is very promising. It shows war scenes and the dying effort of people to get away from the country. The dialogue writer has really worked on the dialogues. Even the background score complements the fear, emotion, and anxiety of the war times. We are sure you will love after watching it and wait patiently for the release of the film until January 22, 2016.

Leone Juices Up as ‘Queen of Seduction’ in Her Next!


You will need to hold on to your trousers because the Queen of Seduction is on her salacious return. Yes, you gauged her right! It’s Sunny Leone!!


Watch the oversexed trailer of Leone’s comeback venture Ek Paheli Leela as she seduces as dripping honey in 3 different avatars:

Ever since the former adult star proved her capabilities in her very own genre in Bollywood, she created a huge buzz among producers and created her so called “Baby Doll” sensual identity. After Sherlyn Chopra’s Kamasutra 3D, Ek Paheli Leela is likely to appear as the most sexually provocative films till date.


Apart from the seducing sighs and moans, the film also contains an arousing dancing number on the revamped version of ‘Dholi Taro’ from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Also starring Rajneesh Duggal and Jay Bhanushali, the film is formed under the direction of Bobby Khan and is set to burn the screens on April 10, 2015.

Mallika Sherawat Gets Dirty With Om Puri in Dirty Politics


Based on the infamous Rajasthan sex scandal of Bhanwari Devi, Dirty Politics has released its official trailer leaving the viewers in the state of awe. Here, lead actress Mallika Sherawat is shown steaming up the bed with senior actor Om Puri.


KC Bokadia’s this raunchy flick which failed to win an ‘U/A’ certificate from the censor board and instead received an ‘A’ certificate stars Mallika along with Jackie Shroff, Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Atul Kulkarni, Ashutosh Rana, Rajpal Yadav, Sushant Singh, Govind Namdev, Charu Sharma, and Naseeruddin Shah.

Earlier the CBFC had suggested deleting a few scenes to give it a ‘U/A’ certificate. But we didn’t agree to it as the story revolves around a sex scandal,” said the director.


Initially, the movie had faced a controversy over its official poster where a nude Mallika draped in the Indian tricolor flag was depicted sitting on a white ambassador. There were other brawls too with the film in the city of Hyderabad.

However, the film is now set to be screened on February the 13th next year all over the country with the clearance certificate in hand.

Alia Does a Short Film on Women Safety


A woman wants a sober touch, not a raper’s!

Staged from the direction of Queen director Vikas Bahl, Going Home is a critical upbringing which points out the hypothetical yet expected or much needed reality of women safety in India.


Rising star Alia Bhatt plays the role of a modern-day India girl who is returning home late at night. While on her way, she encounters the last thing that a woman wants while driving all alone on a lonely dark road – her car breaks down! The next last thing she encountered was a group of 5 hooligans leching at her as they close in.

This 5 minute video visualizes the utopia for women where trust and confidence in unknown men is depicted as a reality, which in fact, is a myth in the real world.

Did she reach home safely? Did she ever reach home? How was she treated by the 5 men?

Watch it for yourself – an awakening video for a safe India.

20 CR for Haider, 70 CR for Bang Bang


Marking the biggest openings of his career, Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang had reached the 50 CR mark in the first two days of its opening. Making a ginormous collection of 27.54 CR on its first day, the Siddharth Anand direction has now bagged in 70 CR.

Though falling behind in terms of money, Shahid Kapoor’s Haider has won the race in terms of word-of-mouth and publicity. Besides being a sure-shot for every award nomination, the mesmerizing Shakespearean ‘Hamlet’ adaptation signifies one of the exceptional critical acclaims ever received by Shahid in his acting vocation. Plus, the film is poised to win a huge bet this week.



You’ve got to say – Tabu and Shahid stole the limelight in this Vishal Bhardwaj film. Full marks to Vishal for superbly handling the relationship between Haider (Shahid), Ghazala (Tabu), and Chacha (Kay Kay Menon). It’s a fantastic flick for those who can digest high melodrama and revenge tragedy. It flaunts the sophisticated Urdu literature and makes the viewers go head-over-heals with its brilliant dialogues. Haider’s lover Shraddha Kapoor playing Arshia is a beaut to watch out for.


Bang Bang

This official remake of Knight and Day is a fast-paced actioner which replaces Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz with Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. Having sizzled in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, the pair has continued to flaunt its perfect chemistry in this flick too. Though criticized as a threadbare, the plot includes an interesting three-way chase of Kohinoor diamond between Rajveer (Hrithik) – a mysterious stealer, a criminal mastermind’s henchmen, and the cops.

Bang Bang to Bang on 4,500 Screens This Friday


Famous for its celebrity dares and challenges just as the Ice Bucket Challenge, Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming action-thriller Bang Bang would be screened on 4,500 theaters for its release on October 3, 2014. This would be one of the widest releases ever in the world of Bollywood.


Take a look at what the higher officials of major cinema houses had to say about this:

Fox Star Studios, Vijay Singh, CEO: “On October 2, ‘Bang Bang’ will see the widest release ever for a Bollywood film across the world. Over 4500 screens across 50 countries, with record breaking no of screens in the USA, UK and the Middle East.”

Big Cinemas, Ashish Saksena, COO: “With an extended five day weekend, we have opened the advances and the response has been more than terrific — both off the counters as well as in terms of block bookings from corporates. We expect this to become the biggest film of the year looking at the audience response.”

PVR Cinemas, Gautam Dutta, COO:Bang Bang is going to be huge. There is an incredible anticipation for the movie and the advance bookings across all PVR screens is really good. Certainly the hottest film of 2014; we are expecting a massive day one and the five day holiday weekend should result in record breaking numbers.”


Watch out Shahid Kapoor! All the best for Haider!!

12 Bollywood Film Posters Copied from Hollywood


If entire film plots can be copied as they are, film posters being replicated shouldn’t be a surprise!

1] The Shield | Gulaal


2] The Replacement Killers | Rowdy Rathore


3] King Arthur | Hiss


4] Jennifer’s Body | Murder 3


5] Mad | Damadamm!


6] The Emancipation of Mimi | Heroine

The Emancipation of Mimi-Heroine

7] Johnny English | Agent Vinod


8] Final Destination 2 | Bhoot


9] The Chaser | Phoonk 2


10] An Education | Anjaana Anjaani


11] Batman Begins | RA.One


12] ‘Til Death | Ugly Aur Pagli


We thought that the entertainment and media world lives on creativity!

Pakistan is “Khafa” over Malick and Hashmi’s Kiss


I did face some backlash and mostly it was because ‘our’ woman was involved in a kissing scene and it was considered worse because it was with a guy who was not Pakistani.”

Yes, that tells the entire story.


Emraan Hashmi’s Raja Natwarlal is seeing a slight obstruction for its release in Pakistan due to that controversial kissing scene which raised some Pakistani eyebrows. Humaima Malick, hailing all the way from Pakistan, confessed that the backlash was all about an Indian man kissing a Pakistani girl.

Films in India do show intimacy through an occasional full lipped kiss and I was very reluctant to share a kiss with my co-star,” she continued. “But the director explained how it doesn’t cross the line between romance and sleaze. I had to trust my director’s sensibilities.”


Malick also added that there is a huge stigma attached to ‘women and sex’. They are often judged harshly than men and have to face sexism not only in Pakistan, but all over the world.

People have to understand I am playing a role. Having said that, I think people are less worked up by the scene than they would have been five or 10 years ago. The new generation have grown up with Hollywood and Bollywood films. Put it this way, I haven’t had any death threats yet,” stated Malick.


Released in UK and Kuwait in its initial phase, this Kunal Deshmukh film contains a usual Hashmi brand steamy scene with a bar dancer played by the Pakistani actress that turns up the temperature immediately.

Knowingly or unknowingly, this controversy printed on every gossip column has collected viewers galore already during its initial release.