Former Big Boss Contestant, Ajaz Khan Arrested and Bailed!

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    ajaj khan

    Ajaz Khan may not be appearing in films, but he has certainly grabbed the attention of media and the public due to wrong reasons. A complaint was filed against him at Borivali police station that resulted in his arrest on Saturday. The complainant alleged that Ajaz sent her obscene pictures and lewd message on Whatsapp.

    The police said, Ajaz met the complainant on Facebook and they started chatting with each other. Since the woman introduced herself as an entrepreneur, the accused made her believed that he can invest in her business. However, after a brief interaction, she got aware of the accused’s intention when he shared a photo of his private parts on chat. When the woman stopped him, the accused started abusing her.

    Aizaz Khan was arrested and given bail on Saturday. Claiming himself innocent, he said, “I am a man and a celebrity.That’s a dead combination. I want to warn all celebrities to be careful whom they connect with on Tinder, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites. There are lots of strugglers out there who want to get famous by piling on and pulling down people more famous them. There are lots of stupid blackmailers out there. The government has given illimitable power to women, and they frequently misuse these powers.You’ve seen how girls out to get some publicity have ruined the careers of people in the entertainment world. Anyway, I did nothing wrong. That’s why I am out on bail. Otherwise the laws of the country favour women. No matter what their allegations and no matter how strong a man’s defence, women are favoured by the law. If I was even remotely guilty I’d be in jail right now.”

    He also vent his anger on media for publishing without verifying facts. He said, No one knows who the lady is. No one knows her name. Some say she runs a boutique, others say she is a hairstylist.Portals all across the internet wrote whatever they want without confirming the truth with me or the cops.Is this fair?”

    Ajaz also lashed out his frustration on women saying, Women out to get instant fame play along with men. And when men reply they run to the police. Why did this lady start an interaction with me in the first place? I had no relationship whatsoever with her. She befriended me. What followed is not something that can happen from one of the parties only.Taali do haath se bajti hai. But the media has decided to crucify me. It takes so little to spoil a man’s reputation by labelling him a lecher .”

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