Here’s who Karishma Kapoor is dating

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    karishma & sandeep1

    They say love just can’t happen once. The love bug can bite you at any age and time in your life. This time, it has bitten Karishma Kapoor. Yes! You heard it right. The once popular actress has been dating a guy for some time now. Both have hidden their affairs from others and tried to avoid shutterbugs. Now when they have finally decided to give a meaning to their relationship, they don’t mind being clicked together. Yes! A paparazzi have spotted the love birds together. And the guy she is seen with is Sandeep Toshniwal.

    Wondering who Sandeep Toshniwal is. He has no connection with Bollowood whatsoever. He is a businessman and was introduced to Karishma by a common friend. They struck a chord and started meeting hiding from shutterbugs. The several frequent meetings they had, blossomed into love, and now the love birds see no reason meeting each other in secret. Just a day or two ago they were spotted in the same air heading to Kareena Kapoor’s residence.

    There is news from close sources that Sandeep is looking for a 3 BHK flat to move Karishma and her kids in. Their alleged affair is also cited as the main reason for Sandeep’s divorce, who is 35 years old. His wife claims that Sandeep was having an affair with Karishma when they were still together.

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