Karan Johar: Won’t work with Pakistani actors anymore, but the ban is unfair

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    The Uri attack in which 17 of Indian soldiers attained martyrdom has sparked a series of flak against the neighbouring country for providing support to the dastardly act. While the reaction of the people is a good sign of solidarity with the jawans, there are some who think otherwise. For instance, the banning of Pakistani actors as well as the movies they have played a part in, has generated a mixed response in the Bollywood industry. However, the most affected from this ongoing controversy is Karan Johar as his movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil,” which was all set to release during this Diwali Festival, is facing stiff opposition from MNS. He was also labelled ‘anti-national’ by political parties.

    The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has opposed the release of the movie soon after the ‘Uri’ incident. They also gave an ultimatum to the Pakistani actors to leave Indian within 48 hours, which was duly followed. Though many actors and directors from Bollywood termed prohibiting the release of “ADHM” unjustified, Karan Johar, the director and co-producer, remained silent. But he broke his silence this Tuesday and released a video in which he is seen and heard stating that he is not an anti-national and have high regards for the sentiments of the people. He also said that he will not engage any talent from the neighboring country anymore.

    Further, he also pleaded those against the release of the movie to understand the sweat, blood, and hard work put by his 300 crew members behind making the movie, and said banning the movie would be unfair for them. He also added that nothing else matters for him other than his country and believed that the best way to express patriotism was through spreading love as he always did through his work.

    Explaining further, he said that when he started the film last year, both India and Pakistani governments were attempting to build a peaceful relationship between them. But now the situation is quite different and he is going through the same sentiments as others.

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