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This Bollywood movie released in the year 2011 and was a romatic flick directed by Mr Rahat Kazmi. The production was handled by Malvee S and Ashok Chauhan and the film was released under the banner of Search Films. The star cast for the film is inclusive of Vivek Sudarshan and Sayali Bhagat in the lead roles along with Hrishikesh Joshi, Charu Asopa, Muni Jha, Rounaog Ahuja, R.P Singh, Ashok Beniwal, Nirmal Soni, Pratik Dixit, Vijay Bhatia, Kirti Kapoor, Hemangi Rao, Anurag Saxena, Sharmila Goenka and Zia Khan in supporting characters. The music composition for the songs of the film is done by Raja Ali, Neeraj Shrivastava, Aanamik and Shahdaab Bhartiya.

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