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Purnima is a young beautiful girl who has lost her parents at a tender age and lives with her maternal uncle. She is in love with Prakash and both plan to marry each other soon. However, Prakash' boss Vasant gets attracted to Purnima and convinces his mother to get her married to him, which she does conveniently. Vasant and Purnima get married. Purnima also urges Prakash to marry Vandana, who is in love with him. The couples after some time give birth to two sons; Anil and Sunil. But fate had some other plans for them as both Vasant and Vandana die in an accident. Purnima again gets married to Prakash but frequent fights for Purnima's child from her previous marriage keep them apart. At the end, both the children get lost and in the process of finding them the family gets united.

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