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dhoom Following is the lyrics of 'Dhoom Dhoom (English)' song from hindi movie 'Dhoom'.


: Dhoom Dhoom (English)
: Dhoom
: Tata Young

Dhoom Dhoom (English) Lyrics from Dhoom

 Dhoom dhoom come and light my fire
 Dhoom dhoom let me take u higher
 Dhoom dhoom wanna feel that burning
 Dhoom dhoom it' s a wild emotion
 Dhoom dhoom passion and devotion
 Dhoom dhoom now the wheels are turning
 Muv ur body close to mine now
 Let me feel ur luv divine now
 2gether we will explode and we will go boom boom boom boom
 Dhoom machale, dhoom machale dhoom - (4)
 Dhoom dhoom m gonna make u sweat now
 Dhoom dhoom let' s get all wet now
 Dhoom dhoom gotta get down on it
 Dhoom dhoom till the early morning
 Dhoom dhoom until the dawning
 Dhoom dhoom i know dat u want it
 Shake ur body down to the ground
 Once u go there is no turning round
 Tonight we gonna make the world go boom boom boom boom
 Dhoom machale, dhoom machale dhoom - (4)
 This burning inside u, know u just cannot hide
 So don' t fight the feeling just let ur body decide
 Where u get down on the road, it' s a wild overload
 Riding higher than u ever did before
 Dhoom dhoom let ur body do the talking
 Dhoom dhoom i wanna keep on rocking
 Dhoom dhoom i want it 24*7
 Dhoom dhoom get the rhythm of the beat now
 Dhoom dhoom feel the fire and the heat now
 Dhoom dhoom take a trip toh heaven
 I wanna feel the wind inn my hair now
 Spread the power everywhere now
 Feel the magic just go jip jap jum
 Dhoom machale
 Dhoom machale, dhoom machale dhoom - (4)

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