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8x10 tasveer Following is the lyrics of 'Give Me The Picture' song from hindi movie '8x10 Tasveer'.


: Give Me The Picture
: 8x10 Tasveer
: Bohemia
Music By
: Bohemia
: Bohemia

Give Me The Picture Lyrics from 8x10 Tasveer

 Give me the picture, who got the 8 x 10?
 I need the picture, go get the 8 x 10
 Who got the picture, give me the 8 x 10
 I got the picture, we got the 8 x 10
 If you could only see what i see,take a ride inside my zindagi
 If you could only see inside my mind
 There' s so much more than meets the eye
 (Aadami khilauna duniya ke khel mein
 ?? the picture in the mind of a mad man) - (4)
 Jaise nasha sharaab mein aur garmi aag mein aur
 Roshni chhor jaati saath jaise raat mein aur
 Soch dimaag mein aur pasina haath mein par
 Note jab haath aaye tu koi na saath de
 Aadmi khilauna duniya ke khel mein
 Jo hona hai woh hona hai asul ke khel ke
 Asul khel ke badalate na, badalate log asulo mein jo chalate na
 Dil mein rog aur khauf mere mann mein na
 Main murdo me jinda hoon mare bina
 Main laapata, rooh meri ajnabi, meri nazaron se dekho meri zindagi
 Take a ride with me, let' s go deep inside my zindagi
 Lights camera action reaction is a mystery
 You' re clueless every path leads to confusion
 Lack of information blinded by illusion
 Show down take a good look around
 Life is a game and you' re on the play ground
 Picture perfect with precision stay on' em until the end
 Only weapon in my hand is this 8 by 10
 (Aadami khilauna duniya ke khel mein
 ?? the picture in the mind of a mad man) - (4)
 (Aadami khilauna duniya ke khel mein
 ?? the picture in the mind of a mad man) - (4)

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