Privacy Policy -

Invention of internet has revolutionized the whole communication system. Today, more and more people are on internet for almost every need. With the increase in the usage of internet, privacy has become a major fear.

At, utmost importance is given to the right to privacy. We understand your concerns and are committed to safeguard your privacy online. The privacy statement gives you information about the ways through which we may collect your information and how we are going to handle it. Using the site is subject to the practices described in the given privacy policy.

Personal information

We may ask for personal information like your name, email, mail address, zip code, country etc. The only purpose behind collecting this information is to improve your experience at our website. It helps us in tailoring the content according to your choice. guarantees you that we will never sell or rent your personal information that you share with us directly or indirectly. We will not indulge in any such activities which violate your right to privacy.

Non-personal Information

Our server may obtain several non-personal information like which operating system you have used, the internet browser used by you, your date and time of access of the site, the pages of our site visited by you and a good deal of additional information related to your visit. We use this information to improve the quality and services of our site. We may make use of this information for advertising and marketing purposes. Your identity would not be revealed in any way with this information.

IP address

We may collect your IP address, which gives information about your broad demographic location and is used to keep a track of your visiting patterns on our websites.

Third Party Advertising

Our site may have ads served by the third party advertising companies. These third party advertisers may collect information like your visiting pattern to this site and other websites and use this information to place ads accordingly on this site as well as on other websites.


A cookie is a small text file used by many website to store or move information between the site and the computer. Usage of cookies is purely to enhance the experience at our site and no way linked to any personal information of the user.

Usage of cookies may be possible while serving third party advertisement. We have no restrictions on the third party cookies. Your browser setting allows you to reject cookies.

Google may make use of cookies while serving its advertisement. These cookies help Google in several ways to place advertisement on websites.

This privacy policy may change as and when required. However, one thing on which we will not compromise is your right to privacy.