Anmol Malik

Anmol malik is the daughter of renowned music director Anu Malik. Every child is precious for their parent but for Anu malik it was different. He had given up hope for having a child after his wife delivered still babies for four times.

When Anmol took birth the doctors came out and gave Anu Malik a note, the note stated "this was a precious baby". The feeling that Anu Malik was going through at that time was beyond expression. Truly this child was priceless for him.

Anmol was born on the 5th of February in the year 1990. Born in the family of music director, the same passion was in her blood. From a young age, anmol used to go to studio and sit on her father's lap while he composed music.

Her interest in music grew and she clandestinely started practicing music. She used to take cassettes of her favorite songs, listen and sing them. Regarding the formal training of music, she learned harmonium and piano.

Anmol's first debut

Anmol Malik made her first debut as a play back singer in J.P Dutta's remake of umrao jaan. When asked about her experience, she still feels overwhelmed working with such a respected director and with former miss world Aishwariya Rai Bachann. She performed brilliantly even though she was given the lyrics just a day or two before the song recording. It took her just 15 min to complete the recording without any retake.

When asked about her favorite singer, she replies simply gives a honest reply, saying that since every singer has a respective style/talent so its unfair to name the best among them. However she couldn't hide her fondness in singer, performer Jennifer Lopez. She is determined to carry on with her education and standing up to the expectation of her parents. She desires to achieve a scholarship and go abroad to attain higher education. Since music is in her genes, she looks forward to become a play back singer after she completes her basic education.

Here is the list of movies in which Anmol malik has made her appearance as a playback singer. The movies are arranged in an alphabetic order.

Anmol Malik's play back singing is much appreciated. She is expected to raise high in the film industry as a play back singer.