Antara Mitra

Antara Mitra

Full Name - Antara Mitra
Born - July 10th 1987 Maslandpur, West Bengal, India
Origin - West Bengal
Genre - Singer
Years Active - 2006-Present

Antara Mitra is an Indian singer and was a contestant of Indian Idol-2, Sony Entertainment Channel's successful reality singing TV show. She progressed till the gala round of the competition and made a niche with her popularity.

Early Life

Antara Mali basically hails from Maslandpur, a small town near the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata. She had an attraction towards music since her childhood days and when she started taking it seriously it was her father who inspired her to make a professional career in music.

While growing she even once had the idea to pursue medicine but soon gave up the plan and finally decided to make a professional career in singing.

Antara grew up with music as her father was a music teacher. She would sing along with children who used to come to learn music from her father.

When Antara was eliminated from the final round of Indian Idol-2, noted music composer and one of the judges offered her a playback offer which she declined and came to her home town to finally relocate to Mumbai to pursue a singing career in April, 2006.


Antara Mitra's big moment came when she was selected from the audition round of the singing reality show, Indian Idol-2. There were 2 rounds then in the competition with one being the piano round and other being the gala round. She progressed from one round to other with élan and received accolades from the judges, Farah Khan (Famous Choreographer and Director), Sonu Nigam (Famous Multi Language Singer) and Anu Malik (Famous Bollywood Music Composer).

Piano Round

In Piano round she sang 'Rangeela Re' from Rangeela and received appreciation from the judges and audiences. She was so popular that her singing made her receive the highest number of votes for polls (SMS Polls from audience)

Gala Rounds Antara Mitra Biography

Gala round showed different arrays of her singing as she sang numbers of varying genres. She sang 'Ruki Ruki Si Zindagi' and became the favorite of judges. She even sang 'Bairi Piya' from Devdas and was praised by the judges, audiences and the celebrities like actress Priyanka Chopra who said that she has got a magical voice and will rule the roost in future.

She was the only female singer in the Gala round after the week she sang the mentioned songs. However, fate had something different in store for her as she received the lowest number of SMS Votes as the contest was won by Sandeep Acharya. She was heartbroken but vowed to make a singing career and later after the show came to Mumbai to pursue it in 2006.

Antara even formed strong friendly relationships with fellow contestants like N.C. Karunya, Meenal Jain and Neha Kakkad.

Anu Malik had offered a playback offer and even Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam liked her singing and were ready to give her a break but she had her own dreams to chase.

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