Bombay Vikings

Bombay Vikings

Full Name- Bombay Vikings
Origin- Stockholm, Sweden
Genres- Pop, Bollywood, Rock
Years Active- 1994-Present
Labels- T-Series
Founded- 1994
Members- Neeraj Shridhar, Mats Folke and Johan Folke

Bombay Vikings is a famous pop and rock band that uses Indian and classical music. The group was formed in 1994 and has Neeraj Shridhar, Mats Folke and Johan Folke as its key members.

The band Bombay Vikings caused quite a sensation in India with their unusual style of blending of classical bollywood and European music genres. The group got immensely popular and it helped them surge the popularity chart in no time in India and abroad.

Interestingly, it was the first musical group from India to produce songs in the youth's language; Hinglish. The idea of combining Hindi and English lyrics first came to the mind of Neeraj Shridhar and he took the idea to many composers but they firmly declined it. However, Neeraj did not get disheartened and finally cut an album using the same kind of lyrics and it was an instant success and rest as they say is history.

The leader of the band Bombay Vikings is Neeraj Shridhar basically hails from Jalndhar, Punjab, India. Neeraj moved to Sweden when he was just 13 and developed a liking for music. He always wanted to create something different and with Bombay Vikings he made that a reality.

The Albums

Kya Soorat Hai (1999)

Neeraj had his first album ready in 1996 itself but due to music companies not approving an album that contained Hindi and English lyrics and wanted change had to keep it under wraps for 3-4 years. Finally it was Sony BMG which finally understood the unusualness in it and agreed to produce it without any changes. The albums had 8 tracks which were the remakes of old Hindi songs. The album was a huge hit in India and abroad and opened the door for the westernization of Indian music.

Woh Chali (2000)

Even Woh Chali in 2000 continued the hit stint of Bombay Vikings and was a good hit as well. Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar was so impressed with Neeraj's remake version of her own song 'Main Chali 'that he invited him to perform the song on her birthday.

Hawa Mein Udti Jaye (2002) Bombay Vikings Information

Following the two successful albums, 2002 saw the super hit music album of Bombay Vikings, Hawa Main Udti Jaye. The album was a thumping success and established the group as the only source to be looked upon for newness in music.

Chod Do Anchal Zamana Kya Kahega and Fusion Mixes (2004)

In 2004, the band came out with an album called chod Do Anchal Zamana Kya Kahega. This song and the album were a great hit and it paved the way for many others to start remixing songs of yesteryears and make some easy money.

Zara Nazro Se Dekho (2006)

Zara Nazro Se Dekho was the next album of the band was also super hit.

Next Album

Bombay Vikings next album is called UNI and is set to release very soon.

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