Falguni Pathak


Falguni Pathak is an Indian born singer. Born on March 12, 1964, this Guajarati singer is a hot favorite among music lovers when it comes to Hindi or Guajarati folk songs. She is currently based in Mumbai. Most of her music roots back to the themes and ideas taken from Guajarati folk music. Her songs are also based on love theme (happy as well as sad).

She is a professional singer who made her public debut in the year 1998. Her music album made huge waves in the Hindi pop world. Her sweet lovable sensual voice created huge fans all over India. Her romantic track hit the chartbuster overnight and stayed there for weeks.

Dandiya Queen

She is known as the 'queen of dandiya'. Her energetic, live performances especially during the festival of dandiya have been incomparable. She is considered as the diva of dandiya by youngsters. She has performed these shows in India as well as abroad. After her performance in navratri she usually goes for world tours and performs stage shows there too. She is labeled as the 'movers and shakers' of dandiya.

She has performed many live shows which have lasted all night. Even during the festival time (navratri) her shows last all night. These shows are companied by a band who plays music (the name of the band is 'ta thaiyaa'. This band gives music in all her shows and adds the punch to make all her show successful.

Falguni Pathak who started her career as a dandiya singer has gone a long way before becoming a star. Her album 'yaad piya ke aane lage' had gained such huge fan following as it became a chart buster.

Talking about her debut album, it has made huge fan followers for her. She has created a certain position for her by making this album which till date no one has been able to overtake.

Not only are the music and the lyrists of her albums are good, the entire video of her songs are also very good. They usually represent modern love but in a sweet manner and based completely on the Indian culture.

Falguni Pathak is a very talented respected Indian pop singer. Her music albums have made great heights not only in India but also abroad. She has given a total new definition to the festival of dandiya. It is only because of her music and the blend of traditional music with modern beats, that the dandiya festival has become so famous among all caste in India.

Her success has not only given name and fame to her alone but her success has given employment to so many people. Her entire troop has made successful shows everywhere they have gone. Indian tradition music has been artistically blended with pop and disco beats to give fusion music. This attempt of giving music a new look have been made by Falguni Pathak and she have been extremely successful in this.

Bollywood career

Falguni Pathak's talent has been recognized by the music directors of bollywood. She has sung many songs in Hindi movie and for top bollywood actresses. She had made her mark even in bollywood and still keeps on doing that.

Nowadays there is a demand for versatile singers in bollywood. This need gives a platform for such upcoming stars.

Here are some of the hit songs of Falguni Pathak. People especially the youth have liked it so much that in any party or youth function her songs are played.

Falguni Pathak is named as the 'movers and shakers' of modern 'dandiya'. Her charm, energetic songs and amazing performances have made an everlasting place in the space of heart.