Hemant Kumar

Hemant Kumar Biography Hemant Kumar: Indian playback singer, composer
Full Name: Hemanta Kumar Mukherjee
Date of Birth: 16 June 1920
Birth Place: Varanasi

Hemant Kumar started his career as a singer on radio in his teen age. Then he recorded Bengali songs "Janine Janite Jadi." and "Balogo More.." in 1937. He got famous for his style of singing in Bengali films and as a composer he shifted base to Mumbai in Anand Math he made impact with the patriotic strains of "Vande Maataram...." and thus finally in 1952 he became a voice to record.

He is one of the most popular and beloved Bengali singer and so all the Bengali fans all over the world call him Hemanta or Hemant Kumar with love. But for rest of the India he is famous with name Hemant Kumar. He made every Bengali to love him when he started singing Rabindrasangeet.

Hemant Kumar Mukherjee's journey of life was started from 1920 and he got a name and fame as a famous Indian singer and composer. He is also well-known for the interpretation of the Rabindranath Tagore's songs called as Rabindra Sangeet. He is not only a versatile composer but also sung for the movies like Kohraa, Nagin and Bees Saal Baad.

Hemanta Mukherjee got a very deep and wonderful voice, with the clear and perfect pronunciation; he gave Rabindrasangeet a different and nice dimension. He sung for the Bengali composers as well as he himself was a good composer. Very first song he sung for Salil was "Gaanyer Bodhu", which is also memorable one. Hemanta and Salil's songs are integral section of the Bengali music.

In Britain one of his songs from the Hindi film "Jaal" opened and closed the syndicated television series Movie Mahal and many of his fan listen him singing "This night, this moonlight may never be ours again. Heed the story of my heart....", even if they did not understand the language of that song.

Right from his birth the music is a inherent part of Hemanta Mukherjee's life and so he left the school to become a professional singer at the age of 17 only. Then he started training for singing in very early age.

Hemant Kumar's compositions are always the best and selected one like "Saara Mora Kajra Chhudaya Toone...." or "Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha...." etc. In Bombay he composed for movie "Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam" in 1962. Again he composed for Guru Dutt's film and Hemant Kumar got ranked in the top ten composers for the Hindi cinema at that time.

The Hindi song "Aaja Mere Pyar Aaja.." is the last one, Hemant Kumar's sung for us in Heeralal Pannalal in the year 1978. He was always very honest to himself as well as his singing and so he wanted his songs to speak for him in real life too. Hemant Kumar Profile

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