Mahendra Kapoor

Mahendra Kapoor is a Bollywood playback singer. Born on 9th June 1934 in Amritsar Punjab, Mahendra Kapoor had interest in music since his childhood days. In those days a career in music was doubtful as it was a unique career option. Despite this, Mahendra Kapoor did not loose his determination in being a playback singer and moved to Mumbai to pursue his dreams.

Mahendra Kapoor was backed by strong family support. His started taking classical music lessons at a very tender age from renowned classical singers. (Name of the singers mentioned below)

Mahendra Kapoor was always inspired by Md. Rafi. He used to listen to his songs on all India radio and copy his style. He used to play careful note to the pitch, low and high tone in the voice and the style of singing. Even though Md. Rafi was his inspiration Mahendra Kapoor always believed that his own style will take him to success and he was right. He created his own style statement which not only gave him a distinct identity but also made him win the Metro Murphy Award.

Mahendra's first movie was Navrang where under the music direction of Ramchandra he sang the song Aadha Hai Chandrama Raat Aadhi. This song was a huge hit during that time and has won many awards. Even after so many decades this song still remains to be one of the hit songs of golden era of Bollywood.

Mahendra kapoor became the favorite singer of those days and he sang many hit songs after that. He was B. R. Chopra's favorite and worked in many of his hit films, namely Dhool Ka Phool, Dhund,Humraaz, Waqt, Gumrah etc. Songs of these movies are still remembered and now days remixes of these old time classics have also come out.

Mahendra Kapoor was given the title of the vibrant voice of India". The versatility that he had in his voice was amazing and he was the first Indian playback singer of those days who sang English songs too. 'I Am Feeling Blue' and 'Oh Saly Please Help Me" were his hit numbers. Mahendra Kapoor recorded songs with the famous Boney M Group as well.

He sung different types of songs and in many languages. Be it romantic numbers, pop hits, devotional, Qwwali and other types of songs, Mahendra Kapoor has left his mark on all these. He has acted in few Hindi movies like Love 86 and Fasle. He was offered to sing with top Pakistani groups as well.

Works of Mahendra Kapoor

Hindi songs in alphabetic order (the song title have been mentioned in alphabetic order followed by the name of the movie and the year of release)

Following are the name of the Marathi songs that Mahendra Kapoor has sung (names are given in alphabetic order)

Mahendra Kapoor had three daughters and a son. He passed away on September 27 2008 because of a cardiac arrest.