Naushad Biography Naushad: Indian music director
Full Name: Naushad Ali
Nickname: The Mughal-E-Azam of Music
Date of Birth: 25 December 1919
Birth Place: Lucknow, British India
Date of Death: 5 May 2006 (Mumbai)

Naushad is considered as pioneer of Indian Hindi film music. Naushad who started his career in 1937, was one of the foremost composers who created foundation for Bollywood.

Naushad was born in 1919 in Lucknow (which is now known as Uttar Pradesh). He was avid fan of Hindi films and was used to listen live orchestras since his childhood. Naushad learnt classical music from musical biggies like Ustad Yusuf Ali, Ustad Ghurbat Ali and Ustad Babban Saheb. Before becoming a music director professionally, Naushad had compose music for many amateur theatrical groups like Windsor Music Entertainers. He also had did the job of repairing harmoniums.

To try his hand in Hindi film industry, Naushad came to Bombay (Mumbai) in late 1930s. His struggle to become a music director was followed for some time in Mumbai. By the time, Naushad also took the job to play piano at composer Mushtaq Hussain's orchestra. Later he worked as assistant to composer Khemchand Prakash and learnt the basic nuances of music.

Naushad got his first break as music director with the film Prem Nagar in 1940. But he got recognition the film industry with the film Sharda in 1942. However the film Ratan (1944) brought him to the league. With this film, he gave hit numbers like 'Saawan Ke Baadalon' and 'Akhiyaan Milaake'. Since then he never looked back and had given many beautiful hits. Most of is hit films are with Abdul Rashid Kardar and Mehboob Khan.

Naushad Profile Nuashad was best known for his style of using classical rhythms in symphonies. His music formed the foundation in Indian classical music. Naushad showed his classical strength in film Baiju Bawra (1952). However he also changed his style with time and adapted Western techniques in his music which surely displays in films like Jadoo (1951) and Mere Mehboob (1963). Naushad also later went against his classical style and gave peppy numbers in film like Saathi (1968). Naushad's other notable films includes Mother India (1957), Mughal-E-Azam (1960), Gunga Jumna (1961) and Pakeezah (1972).

Nuashad was amongst the first composers who used the technique of sound mixing i.e. mixing the separate recordings of vocal and music tracks together later. Also he used to add background music in the films to increase or decrease the intensity of scene accordingly. However along with his musical creatures, Naushad was also known for introducing veteran singers like Mohd. Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar.

In his career, Naushad worked on films less than hundred. He continued working till 1990's. His last composed film was Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story in 2005. The film also received rave reviews for his music. Also Naushad attended the premiere of colored version of old Mughal-E-Azam along with Dilip Kumar in 2006. However the veteran died on May 5, 2006 due to natural causes (due to old age).

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