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Neeraj Sridhar Biography Neeraj Sridhar: Indian pop, playback singer

Popularly known as: singer of band 'Bombay Vikings'

Neeraj Sridhar is best known for his series of hit remix songs 'Kya Soorat Hai', 'Woh Chali', 'Angel Eyes' and 'Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye'. Actually these are remake of old Bollywood melodies and not remix. Neeraj Sridhar is quite famous as Bombay Vikings rather than his name.

Bombay Vikings are best known for there unique style of fitting a completely new lyrics into a old song tune, English lines in between, cool decent video, impressive singing and a completely chill out song.

A group 'Bombay Vikings' was formed in 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. The group includes three people- Neeraj Sridhar, Mats Nordenborg, and Oscar Soderberg. The band was later joined by three other people- Staffan (a main guitarist), Par (on the bass) and Morgan (on the drums). The band was formed by people who love Indian melodies whether it's Hindi film music or Classical Music.

Bombay Vikings had delivered many hit since 1998. Their first release Kya Soorat Hai was a huge hit. Kya Soorat Hai was a remix of an oldie 'Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai'. It was not completely a remix but Vikings used the tune of 'Zaroorat Hai' for completely new lyrics song 'Kya Soorat Hai'. It also had another special thing i.e. its Hinglish lyrics and its cool video, which was completely different for the Indian audience and so they loved it. The album was running top of the charts for almost 11 months.

Followed by it, 'Woh Chali' was again a huge hit. It was also remained on the charts for number of weeks. Its third release Jambola didn't made as big as the earlier two's, but its next 'Angel Eyes' was again made a hit. Later 'Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye' by Bombay Vikings was also a hit. Its title track was soon raised to popularity. Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye is a famous line from a song in the old Bollywood film Barsaat. Bombay Vikings later released songs like Tera Mera Pyaar Sanam, Kahan Ho Tum and Zara Nazron Se Keh Do Ji.

Neeraj Sridhar spent most of his life outside the country in Sweden. He went to Sweden along with his brother when he was 12. He studied there, but his only passion was music. At the age of 16, when he wanted a guitar for himself, he worked hard for three months in a plastic files factory. Neeraj also is a good keyboard player. Even is being in Sweden, influenced by western music, his love for Indian music remains unchanged. Neeraj Sridhar came to India and formed band Bombay Vikings.

Along with his hit album history, Neeraj also landed into Bollywood recently. For some time he kept himself away from Bollywood, because he wanted to work on his own music. Neeraj Sridhar began playback singing with song 'Bhagam Bhag' from film Bhagam Bhag in 2006. His hit songs in Hindi films includes 'Halke Halke' from Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd (2007), 'Ticket To Hollywood' from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (2007), Heyy Babyy (2007) title track, and 'Teri Aankhein' from Bhool Bhoolaiya (2007).

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