Pankaj Udhas

Pankaj Udhas

Full Name- Pankaj Udhas
Born- May 17th, 1951, Jetpur, Gujarat, India
Origin- Jetpur, Gujarat, India
Genres- Singing
Occupation- Ghazal Singer
Years Active- 1985-Present

Pankaj Udhas is an Indian Ghazal singer. He shot to fame after his song 'Chiththi Aayi Hai' became an instant success in 1986. The song made him a national icon overnight. The song was from the movie 'Naam'. Following the hit song, he also sang various songs in bollywood films as well.

He is credited as one of the pillars of ghazal singing in India along with Jagjit Singh and Talat Aziz for bringing a style to this genre of music. Ghazals by him and others have given a new lease of life to Ghazal singing in India.

He has recorded many albums and songs and considered one of the greatest ghazal singers of India. As a result, the government awarded him with a Padamshree to acknowledge his talent.

Early Life

Pankaj Udhas was born in a small town called Jetpur near Rajkot in the state of Gujarat, India on 17th May, 1951. He is from the charan nandi community. His father is Keshubhai Udhas and mother is Jituben Udhas. Manhar Udhas is Pankaj's eldest brother who got some success as a playback singer in bollywood flicks. His second elder brother Nirmal Udhas is also a noted ghazal singer and was the first to start singing in his family.

Pankaj's family moved to Mumbai and he completed his education from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.


Since Pankaj Udhas' elder brother was a noted ghazal singer, it gave him an aide to kick off his music career easily. His first public performance was during the Sino-Indian War, when he sang 'Aey Mere Watan Ke Logon' and also got his first reward of Rs. 51 given by a listener.

Later he joined the Sharabi Natya Academy in Rajkot and learned how to play Tabla. Udhas' first film song came in a 1972 movie called Kamna and was a flop.

Meanwhile, he developed a deep interest in Urdu and started singing Ghazals on small platforms and them moved to Canada but returned to India after finding little success. His debut Ghazal album was Aahat, a success and after that he never looked back and till date has recorded more than 40 albums.

However, his big moment came when he got a chance to sing for the movie 'Naam' and it made people notice him instantly. Even 'Mahiya Teri Kasam' along with Lata Mangeshkar from the movie 'Ghayal' was a thumping success as well. He later sang 'Na Kajre Ki Dhar' for 'Mohra and' made his place in the hearts of people. Pankaj Udhas Biography


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