Remo Fernandes

Remo Fernandes

Full Name- Luis Remo De Maria Bernando Fernandes
Professional Name- Remo Fernandes
Born- 8th May, 1953, Panjim, Goa, India
Origin- Siolim, Goa, India
Genres- Fusion and Indian Rock
Occupations- Musician and Singer
Labels- CBS, Magnasound and Polygram
Years Active- 1980-Present

Remo Fernandes is an Indian musician and singer. His real name is Luis Remo De Maria Bernando Fernandes. However, he thought that his name was too big to be remembered so he cut short his name to Remo Fernandes to make a niche in the professional front.

He is mostly remembered for his music. He has the ability to club music of different traditions and make something new every time. He calls his version of music as 'Fusion'. He clubs music of Goa, Portugal, Sega music from Mauritius and Seychelles, African music, Latin music from Cuba and Nicaragua, the music of European states, Jamaica and Soca from Trinidad, West Indies.

He shot to fame when he started writing songs in English and hindi for bollywood. He dominated dance scenario and his efforts were largely applauded. His type of music became successful with open-minded and English speaking Indians.

Remo Fernandes is also a very popular stage performer in India and as a result has done countless number of shows in India and abroad.

He can write and sing his songs now in five different languages, English, Hindi, Portuguese, French and Konkani.

Early Life

Luis Remo De Maria Bernando Fernandes was born on 8th May, 1957 in Panjim, Goa, India. At the age of ten, he was introduced by a Pune based relative Rex Fernandes to rock music and from then his musical journey started. He started listening to music of that era for the next ten years and then got himself transformed in to a better individual with an enhanced capacity to creatively think new. He came up with an innovative idea to mix music of different countries and make something new and that's when the concept called 'Fusion Music' came in to limelight.

Professional Career Singer Remo Fernandes

His first album was 'Pat that smack' in 1986 and was a roaring success. Even the album called 'Bombay City' which came next year was a success as it became the highest-selling rock album in India and not to forget a fact that it's the only album in the category to be awarded a gold disc. In 1992, he came up with an album called 'Politicians Don't Know to Rock'n'Roll' and was released amidst communal violence taking a toll that time. The album expressed the depression of that time.

It was in 1995 that he made his way into Hindi music as he sang 'Hamma Hamma' for Mani Ratnam's Bombay under A.R. Rahman. 'O Meri Munny' was his other hit song which was his only released Hindi pop album so far.

Personal Life

Nowadays he resides in his ancestral village Siolim, in the Bardez district of Goa. He married a French national called Michelle and has two sons called Noah and Jonah.


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