Runa Laila

Runa Laila was born on 17th November 1952 in the middle class family. Her birth place is in Sylhet which is now in East Pakistan. Her father was the music Ustad and he used to teach singing to his elder daughter Dina Laila. Runa used to just sit with her sister during the singing classes and picked up the singing lessons effortlessly.

Runa Laila was more interested into dancing and later on she enrolled herself into a dancing school where she learned kathak, kathakali and Bharatanatyam. Her father although supported her in her dancing interests, but at the same time also encouraged her to continue her singing classes. Later he made her to take lessons from Ustad Qader who used to teach her singing.

Runa Laila's Life and Career

As a teen, Runa was very much interested in art and in the various forms of art. She was a very energetic youngster and showed interest in almost everything that she learned. Her family supported her in everything that she took interest and did. She gives her singing credit to Manzur Hussain. Though not so famous to the world but Manzur Hussain was a legendary singer. He never pampered Runa instead always guided her to be a perfect singer.

He used to encourage her but at the same time use to point out the loop holes that she had in her singing style. Singers in those days required to sing perfectly and in one go. In the studio where songs were recorded, there used to be an entire team of musicians along with the singers. If anyone made any mistakes, it meant that the recording has to be started all over again. Singers in those days had to sing once and with full perfection as the retakes used to be very costly and time taking.

Runa's career in music was not intentional but accidental. Her elder sister Dina was offered a song but she could not perform on the day of recording as she developed a sore throat. Runa was asked to sing then. She was so small that she could barely hold the tanpura properly in her hand.

She sang the song kheyal and it was after that song, that her singing talent was recognized. After that she sang in many Pakistani films and also used to do stage shows. She was a well known singer in those days in Pakistan.

Runa's elder sister Dina also wanted to take singing career seriously but she left it after she got married. Dina later died of cancer. This was a very big mental set back for Runa and in the loving memory of her sister. Runa held six concerts in Pakistan and donated all the money to the children's hospital in Dhaka. She donated money to the children hospital for the cause of building a cancer ward for children over there.

Some of the hit songs of Runa Laila are as follows. The names of the albums are as follows:

Runa Laila hit songs

"Dama Dam Mast Qalandar"
"Mera Babu Chhail Chhabeela Main To Nachoongigi"
"Dama Dam Mast Qalander"
"Sadher Lau Banailo Morey"
"Shilpi Ami"
"Tomaderi Gan Shonabo"

She also sang in some Hindi movies. She sang in the movie Ghoronda, the songs of the movie are still famous. She had worked with some of the well known music directors of Bollywood namely, Bappi Laheri, Laxmikantaa-Pyaralal and Kalyanji Anandji.

She did not sing in many Hindi movies but in whichever movie she sang, the songs are unique of its kind and her voice still appreciated.

Runa married four times in her life. Her first husband was Khawaza Javed Kaiser, second husband was Maidul Islam, third was Ron Danieland (swiss citizen), fourth was Alamgir (Bangladeshi actor). She has one daughter named Tani Laila.