Runa Rizvi

Runa Rizvi was born in Mumbai, India. Her father's name was Rajkumar Rizvi and mother's name Indrani Razvi. She was born in Kalavant Gharana, a family which loves music and believes that it should be passed on. As she was born in such a family, musical talent was inbuilt in her. No one from her family forced her to take interest in music. She had an inborn liking for the same. She was given training in both classical as well as semi classical music. She had taken singing training from well known Ustads of her time. Apart from the regular singing training she also took interest in the then popular Hindi film songs, Ghazals, Punjabi music, Folk music, Thumri and Sufi music.

Music teachers under whom she took training had Bollywood connection and it was through them that she got the chance of entering Bollywood.

She sang quite a number of songs in Hindi movies. One of her hit songs are janne tu from the movie janne tu ya janne na. She also sang for Aishwariya in the movie provoked. One of her hit songs is from the movie uff kaya jadu mohobatt hai, a movie by Rajshri Production. She is currently working with Prem Joshua in the album called luminous secrets. Her voice is very energetic and vibrant. She resembles the youth of the nation and different touch in her voice had created a distinct identity for her.