S. D. Burman

S. D. Burman S. D. Burman: Renowned Indian music director
Full Name: Sachin Dev Burman
Nick Name: Dada Burman
Date of Birth: October 1, 1906
Date of Death: October 31, 1975
Son: Rahul Dev Burman or R.D. Burman or Pancham (popular music composer)

S.D. Burman or Sachin Dev Burman was the most prominent name in the Indian film music industry. He was the most productive and commercial successful music director of his days. SD who started his music career in 1926 has lent hundreds of hits in Hindi as well as Bengali films. He was the one who worked till his death in 1975.

S.D. Burman is popularly known as Dada Burman in the Hindi film industry. Dada was born into the rich, princely family of Tripura on October 1, 1906. His father Nabadip Chandra Dev Burman was Prince Komilla of Tripura.. SD was the one amongst his nine siblings. The passion of music came to him from his father. His father was master in sitar as well as he was a very good dhrupad singer. It was his father and brother Kiran Kumar who insisted him to develop his skills in music. He took his first lessons in music from his father.

Dada later took training from Ustad Badal Khan and Bhishmadev Chattopadhyay. Training under such a talented people strengthened his knowledge in classical music. Later he took training from Ustad Aftabuddin Khan and K. C. Dey in Calcutta.

S.D. Burman started his music career as singer in Calcutta. Also he started to compose music for radio. His music was influenced by the traces of folk music from East Bengal and North-East. Before moving to Mumbai, he had already sung and composed music for many Bengali films. Dada Burman got his first chance as singer with the film Yahudi Ki Ladki in 1933. But the songs sung by him scrapped and were re-sung by Pahadi Sanyal. However he gets his next chance as a singer with the film Sanjher Pidim in 1935. Burman had thin but powerful voice which was often used as bardic commentary in films like Guide (Wahan Koun Hai Tera) and Aradhana(Safal Hogi Teri Aradhana).

Later on Dada started working as a composer for a full time basis. He made his debut as music director with Filmistan's film Do Bhai in 1947. Followed by it, he gave the hit numbers in films like Aath Din, Sabnam and Munimji. By the time he gets frustrated with Mumbai's materialism and commercial film nature and decided to leave for Calcutta. But it was Dada Muni (Ashok Kumar), who stopped him doing so. When he decided to leave Mumbai, he was composing music for Ashok Kumar starrer film Mashal. Burman was planning to leave it mid-way and return to Calcutta. But Ashok Kumar stopped him and said that complete the composition for Mashal and then you are free. Burman composed music for Mashal and rest is the history. The film was a super hit and the song 'Upar Gagan Vishal' from the film created rage in the country. Manna Dey had sung the song. This song boosted his singing career and this way Burman is finally arrived.

S.D. Burman's hit films as music composer includes Bahar, Buzdil, Baazi, Jaal, Taxi Driver, Devdas, Nau Do Gyarah, House No 44, Paying Guest, Pyaasa, Kala Paani, Kala Bazaar, Kagaz Ke Phool, Sujata, Mili, Bombai Ka Babu, Dr. Vidya, Prem Pujari, Gambler, Sharmili, Tere Mere Sapney, Bandini, Guide, Jewel Thief, Aradhana, Abhimaan and many more.

Burmanda was very choosy when it came to selecting films for music direction or selecting a singer for it. He never engaged himself with a bundle of films. However when it comes to selecting a singer, he was used to call that particular singer in the morning, study his/her voice and then select.

Burman was also responsible for bringing up career of legendary singer Asha Bhosle. Because he had some clashes with Lata Mangeshkar, he used Asha Bhosle as his premier singer. 1958 to 1962 was a great period for Ashaji with numbers of hits along with S.D. Burman. Apart from music, he also had interest in sports (Tennis, Volleyball, Football, and Hockey). He was always there to cheer up his favorite team. Later he stopped signing films due to health problems, but he worked till his death. S.D. Burman died on October 31, 1975, but the veteran is still alive with his great melodies.

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