Vinod Rathod

Vinod Rathod

Full Name- Vinod Rathod
Born- India
Origin- India
Genres- Playback singing
Occupations- Playback Singer
Instruments- Vocalist
Years Active- 1987-Present
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Vinod Rathod is an Indian playback singer who basically sings for Hindi movies. He is remembered for his soulful singing in films like Chal Mere Bhai, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Mission Kashmir and not to forget Baazigar.

His songs Chupana bhi nahi aata, aey mere humsafar and kitabein bahut si from the super hit movie Baazigar starring Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol are his most favorite songs as they are played till today. The songs established him as a playback singer in the Indian music industry. He is also an ardent fan of Ghazals and Bhajans.

Early Life & Background

Vinod Rathod was born to the late noted classical music composer, Pandit Chatujbhuj Rathod. As a child he was keenly interested in various genres of music and as a result his passion for music was recognized by his father who decided to give him formal training in music. He had in him to make it large in music as he could also differentiate between minute things in music and it was an indication that he is made for music.

His passion for music grew and then he decided to dedicate his entire life for music.

Professional Playback Singing Career

Vinod Rathod's singing career started when he was called by the music composer Usha Khanna; after she listened to his voice recorded in a cassette and was asked to sing a Qawaali called Mere dil me hain andhera, koi shamma to jala de for the movie Bedaag. Mohammad Aziz was his co-singer for the song. He went on to sing not less than 40 numbers for Usha Khanna. He later also sang for composers like Ajay Swami and Surinder Kohli during his struggle period.

He forayed in to the big league when composers Shiv-Hari called him to sing Badal pe chalke aaa and Zindagi har janam Pyaar ki dastan in Yash Chopra's Vijay. The songs gave him instant popularity as the movie was a success. Vinod was the voice for the actor Rishi Kapoor in the film. He later also sang for Rishi-Shiv-Hari in the 1989 film Chandni. The song Parbat e kali ghata takrai with Asha Bhosle also was a major success.

He went on to sing for many of the famous music directors of those times. However, his most cherished phase came in 1993 when he sang 3 blockbusters in Baazigar. Other than Shah Rukh Khan's scintillating act in the movie, even songs were attributed to the success of the movie. Vinod Rathod Information

Personal Life

Vinod Rathod is happily married to Prerna whom he considers his lifelong inspiration. He is also the brother of the singer Roop Kumar Rathod and the music director Shravan Rathod.

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