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Mann Re Tu Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Mann Re Tu song from movie Chitralekha.

Mann Re Tu translation (Chitralekha)
man re tu kaahe na dheer dhare
My heart, why dont you take courage/get a grip?

woh nirmohi moh na jaane jinka moh kare
The one you desire is devoid of emotion, knows not what desire is.

is jeevan ki chadhti dhalti dhoop ko kisne baandha
The rising and receding sunlight of this life, who could arrest?

rang pe kisne pehre daale, roop ko kisne baandha
Who has imprisoned color, who has shackled beauty?

kaahe yeh jatan kare
Why bother to make this effort?

utna hi upkaar samajh koi jitna saath nibhaa de
Recognise their favor so long as they stay true to you

janam maran ka mel hai sapna, yeh sapna bisraa de,
Togetherness through life and death, its a dream, forget this dream.

koi na sang mare
no one accompanies you in death

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