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Sajni Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Sajni song from movie Jal.

Sajni translation (Jal) Main teri aankhoon mein rehta hoon
I live in your eyes

tujhe pata na chale
and you don't even know

tere har pal mein guzra hoon
I pass in every second of yours

tujhe pata na chale
and you don't even know

Kare toh phir kya kare
then what I should do

tere bin kaise jiye
how can I live without you?

aaaaankhoon mein pyaar liye bolo kahaan kahaaaan phire
tell me where should the eyes flit to find love?

Khafa to hum bhi hai tum bhi ho
I am mad, and you are mad too

humein pata na chale
and we didn't know about it

judai ka mujhe gham bhi hai
I am sad too for the separation

koi aisi khata na karein
I hope no one make this mistake

Kare toh phir kya kare
tere bin kaise jiye
aankhoon mein pyaar liye
bolo kahaan kahaan phire

Sajni paas bulao na
my lover, call me near you

ki dil aaj toota hai
that my heart is broken today

aaj toota hai
is broken today

sajan maan jao na
my lover, accept it

ki woh aaj rootha hai
that it's [my heart] sad today

aaj rootha hai
its sad today

koi usey manaye na
someone please appease it [my heart]

Jaane ja
my dear

dil tujhe hi chaaahe na
my heart loves/wants you

oooh ooo ooo ooo oooo oooo

Humein dil se bhulao na
call for me from the bottom of your heart

yehi ab kehna hai
that's what I want to say now

ab kehna hai
want to say now

tum paas aaoona
come near me

aao naaaaaaa

Dere nare
dere na na re....
(Sajni paas bulao na
Sajan maan jaona
Sajni paas bulao na)

Sajni paas bulao na
ki dil aaj toota hai
aaj toota hai
sajan maan jao na

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