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Naam Gum Jayega Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Naam Gum Jayega song from movie Kinara.

Naam Gum Jayega translation (Kinara) naam gum jaayegaa, cheharaa ye badal jayegaa
the name and the face may change

meri aavaaz hi, pahachaan hai
but my voice will remain the same

gar yaad rahe
if you bother to remember

vaqt ke sitam, kam hasin nahin
the sorrows caused by time(fate) are cruel, but can be quite beautiful

aaj hain yahaan, kal kahin nahin
today we are here( world), tomorrow no where to be found

vaqt se phare agar, mil gaye kahin
perhaps we can meet somewhere beyond the boundries of time

meri aavaaz hi

jo guzar ga_i, kal ki baat thi
what happened, it belongs to yesterday

umr to nahin, ek raat thi
it was just a night, not a life time

raat kaa silaa agar, phir mile kahin
but what if the happenings of that night could be experienced again?

meri aavaaz hi

din dhale jahaan, raat paas ho
when ever the day turns into dusk, the night isn't usually far

zindagi ki lau, uunchi kar chalo
at that time increase the light in your life

yaad aaye gar kabhi, ji udaas ho
don't remember things that make you sad

meri aavaaz hi
but my voice is the same

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