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Dil Mein Dard Sa Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Dil Mein Dard Sa song from movie Kranti.

Dil Mein Dard Sa translation (Kranti) chorus
dil mein dard sa jaga hai
Something like pain stirs in my heart;

kaanta sa kahin laga hai
it's as though a thorn has pricked me somewhere.

muhabbat yeh nahin to kya hai
What is this, if not love?


zara sa jo duur gaye to daure daure paas tumhaare aa gaye
He who had just distanced himself came running back to you.

yaad tumhaari aaye haamaari jaan hi na le jaaye
I think of you and my soul is overwhelmed.

chhup jaao tum meri in baahon mein
Quiet yourself in my embrace.

marke bhi na ham bichhare in raahon mein
Even having died, our paths won't be separated.

vaada hamne bhi kiya hai vaada tumne bhi kiya hai
I've made a promise, and so have you.

muhabbat yeh nahin to kya hai
What is this, if not love?


na yeh ham jaane na tum jaane ek duuje ke ham diwaane
Neither you nor I knew (that) we were mad for one another.

likh diye pyaar ne aankhon aankhon mein dil ke afsaane
Love wrote the story of our hearts in our eyes.

ab milenge ham lekin diwaanon se
Now we'll meet, but as people crazed (for each other).

ham tum mein jo silsila hai saara shahar jaanta hai
The whole town knows what's going on between us.


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