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Zinda Hoon Yaar Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Zinda Hoon Yaar song from movie Lootera.

Zinda Hoon Yaar translation (Lootera) (Mujhe chhod do mere haal pe - 2
Leave me by myself - 2

Zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai - 2) - 2
O friend, It is enough that I am alive - 2

Hoo. Kafi hai.. kafi hai
It is enough, it is enough

Hawaaon se jo maanga hissa mera
When I asked my share from the air

To badle main hawa ne saans di
The air gave me breath in return

Akelepan se chedi jab guftagoo
When I started communicating with my loneliness

Mere dil ne aawaaz di
My heart made me realize

Mere haathon hua jo kissa shuroo
that the matter that was started by me

Usey pura toh karna hai mujhe
That has to be completed

Qabar par mere sar utha ke khadi ho zindagi
On my grave is standing the life raising its head

Aise marna hai mujhe...
I have to die in this way

Kuch maangna baaki nahi - 2
That there is nothing left to be asked - 2

Jitna mila kaafi hai
Whatever I have got is more than enough

zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai
I am alive, it is enough

Mujhe chhod do mere haal pe - 2
Leave me by myself -2

Zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai - 2
I am alive, it is enough - 2

Mujhe chhod do oh oh... - 2
Leave me oh - 2

Mere haal pe - 8
On my own - 8

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