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Do Naina Aur Ek Kahani Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Do Naina Aur Ek Kahani song from movie Masoom.

Do Naina Aur Ek Kahani translation (Masoom) Movie : Masoor
Song : Do Naina Aur Ek Kahani

Do nainaa aaur yek kahaanee
two eyes and one stroy

thodaa saa baadal
a little bit of cloud

thodaa saa paanee
little bit of water

aaur yek kahaanee
and one story

chhotee see do zeelon mein
this is small n in two parts

wo bahatee rahatee hai
it keeps on flowing

koee sune yaa naa sune
let some one listen or not

kahatee rahatee hai
it keeps on narrating

kuchh likh ke aaur kuchh jubaanee
somtimes in writing sometimes orally

thodee sai hain jaanee huyee
it is kindda old one

thodee see nayee
but still new

jahaa ruke aansoo
where the tears stop

wahee pooree ho gayee
is the full stop to the story

hai to nayee fir bhee hain puraanee
it is new but still old one

yek khatm ho to
if this gets over

doosaree yaad aa jaatee hai
the others get into remembrance

hothhon pe fir bhoolee huyee baat aa jaatee hai
then again the lips narrate the forgotten things

do nainon kee hain ye kahaanee

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