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Mickey Virus Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Mickey Virus song from movie Mickey Virus.

Mickey Virus translation (Mickey Virus) O Mickey virus, Mickey virus
O Mickey virus, Mickey virus

O virus keede, virus keede
O virus bug, virus bug

Shakal hai bholi, daant nukeele
Your face is innocent, but teeth are sharp

O Mickey virus, Mickey virus
O Mickey virus, Mickey virus

Dimagi keede, dimagi kide
The brainy bug, brainy bug

Tabadtod hacker faile gati se
you spread instantly and with amazing speed

O Mickey virus, dar ke thoda chal
O Mickey virus, walk with some fear

Jane kab mil jaye antivirus
Who knows there would be some anti-virus

O Mickey virus dekh ke zara chal
O Mickey virus, see and then walk

Jane kab le lega antivirus
You never know, the owner may install anti-virus

O Mickey virus, Mickey virus
O Micky virus, Mickey virus

Aafat ke kide, aafat ke kide
You troublesome bug

Shakal hai bholi, dant nukile
You have innocent face, but sharp teeth

O Mickey virus, Mickey virus
O Mickey virus, Mickey virus

Shaitani kide, shaitani kide
The devil bug

Tabadtod hacker faile gati se
You spread instantly and with an amazing speed

(Bin puchhe bin bataye
Without asking and without informing

Dabe pav chala aata hai) - (2)
you come secretly - 2

Achche achcho ki tu puri waat laga jata hai
and creates a nuisance for the best (in the hacking industry)

Pure system ko kar leta hai tu capture
You capture the entire system

Teri to atrangi bedhangi hai structure
Your structure very strange

O Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey
O Mickey

Mickey, Mickey virus
Mickey, Mickey virus

Oont bhi kabhi kabhi pahad ke neeche aata hai aata hai
Sometimes even the camel behaves according to its status

Shatir se shatir bhi kabhi kahi to phans jata hai jata hai
and even the best and cunning gets trapped

Speed hai tufani mana hai tu destructor
Agreed, your speed is stormily and you are a destructor

Tufan me phans kar koi dega takkar
Being trapped in the storm, somebody might challenge you

O Mickey virus, o Mickey virus - 2
O Mickey virus - 2

Mickey virus, virus. Virus
Mickey virus

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