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Aaj Unase Pehli Mulakat Hogi Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Aaj Unase Pehli Mulakat Hogi song from movie Paraya Dhan.

Aaj Unase Pehli Mulakat Hogi translation (Paraya Dhan) aaj unase pehli mulakat hogi
today i will meet her for the first time

phir amane samane bat hogi
then we will talk face to face

phir hoga kya, kya pata kya khabar
then what will happen next, don't know, don't have a clue

anadekha anjana mukhada kaisa hoga
what kind of a face will the unseen, stranger be

na jane woh chand ka tukada kaisa hoga
don't know how would be the piece of moon be

milate hi unase hay dil mein, ek bekarari si din rat hogi
as soon as we meet, there will be a restless in my days & nights

phir hoga kya
then what will happen next

ya ya ya ya ya........

baithe honge raste pe woh ankhe bichhaye
she must be sitting with here eyes on the road

har aahat pe sochate honge, sajan aaye
at every step she must be thinking that her beloved has came

kya hal hoga, vahan kuchh na puuchho
what will be the situation there, dont ask me

dil mein umango ki barat hogi
in the heart there will be chainlesss desires

phir hoga kya
then what will happen next

khulake hongi tanhayi mein dil ki bate
alone we will talk openly

pyase tanaman pe hongi rim-jhim barasate
on the thirsty/yearning body and heart, there will be lovely showers[of love]
ai mere dil ye bhi to soch le tu
oh my heart, think about this too

koi saheli agar sath hogi
what if a friend comes along too

phir hoga kya
then what will happen next

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