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Hamsafar Mere Hamsafar Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Hamsafar Mere Hamsafar song from movie Purnima (1965).

Hamsafar Mere Hamsafar translation (Purnima (1965)) hamsafar mere hamsafar, pankh tum paravaaz ham
oh my life partner, if you are the wings then i am the flight (of the bird)

zindagii kaa saaz ho tum, saaz kii aavaaz ham
if you are the instrument then I am the sound of the instrument

hamsafar mere hamsafar, pankh tum paravaaz ham
zindagii kaa giit ho tum, giit kaa andaaz ham
if you are the song then I am the tone of the song

aankh ne sharamaa ke kah dii
the shy eyes have been able to disclose

dil ke sharamaane kii baat
what the heart was too shy to communicate to yu

pyaar kii tum intahaa ho
You are the extreme limit of love

pyaar kii aagaaz tum
I am only the begining

hamsafar mere hamsafar ...

jii mein ho jab aasamaan ki
(as far as my feelings are concerned)Whether the limit is the sky

yaa zamiin kii baat ho
or the other limit is the earth- meaning what ever the issue

khatm hotii hai tumhiin par
All the considerations come to end on you- yu are the main focus of my life

ab kahiin kii baat ho
what ever it may be

ho hasiin tum, mahajabiin tum
You are beautiful- prettiest of all

aur tumhaaraa naaz ham
But I am the pride of that beauty.

hamsafar mere hamsafar ...

Translated By- sombul

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