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Main Na Bhoolunga Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Main Na Bhoolunga song from movie Roti Kapda Aur Makan.

Main Na Bhoolunga translation (Roti Kapda Aur Makan)
mai naa bhooloongaa, main naa bhooloongee
i wont forget, i wont foreget

mai naa bhooloongaa, main naa bhooloongee
in rasamon ko, in kasamon ko, in rishte naaton ko
these traditions, these promises, these relationships

mai naa bhooloongaa, main naa bhooloongee
chalo jag ko bhoole, khayaalon mein zoole
lets forget the world and get into the swings of thoughts

bahaaron mein dole, sitaaron ko chhoo le
lets tune in to the nature and touch the stars

aa teree main maang sawaaru, too dulhan ban jaa
let me fill in ur forehead with sindur(???), u be a groom

maang se jo dulhan kaa rishtaa, main naa bhooloongee
the relationship of forehead and groom will never forget

samay kee dhaaraa me, umar bah jaanee hai
Age is gotto flow away with the time

jo ghadee jee lenge, wahee rah jaanee hai
the moment we are gonna is live will be forever

mai ban jaaoo saans aakharee, too jeewan ban jaa
i will be ur last breath u be the lifee

jeewan se saanson kaa rishtaa, main naa bhooloongee
i will not forget the relationship of breaths and life

barasataa saawan ho, mahakataa aangan ho
the rains falling, our corrador fragranted

kabhee dil doolhaa ho, kabhee dil dulhan ho
somtimes my heart will be a groom, sometimes bride

gagan ban kar zoome, pawan ban kar ghoome
lets dance like sky, and walk like a wind

chalo raahe mode, kabhee naa sang chhode
lets turn around the roads n always be together

kahee pe chhoop jaanaa hai, najar naheen aanaa hai
wanna hide somwhere from everyone eyes

kahee pe bas jaayenge, ye din kat jaayenge
will stay somwhere, the days will pass by

are kyaa baat chalee, wo dekho raat dhalee
wat are we talking abt , see the night has passes

ye baate chalatee rahe, ye raate dhalatee rahe
lets keep talkin this, the night will pass by

mai man ko mandir kar daaloo, too poojan ban jaa
i will make my mind temple, u be the worship

mandir se poojaa kaa rishtaa main naa bhooloongee
the relationship of temple and worship is unforgetable

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