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Tera Rang Balle Balle Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Tera Rang Balle Balle song from movie Soldier.

Tera Rang Balle Balle translation (Soldier)
Male - Tera rang bale bale , teri chaal bale bale , tera roop bale bale , teri gal bale bale
Your color is remarkable (bale) , your walk remarkable , your appearance remarkable , your cheeks remarkable

dekha tooje to mujhe pyar ho gaya , tere khyalon mein dil kho gaye
Seeing you , I fell in love with you , my heart is lost in thoughts of you

Female- Nainyo , nainyo , manu dil tera nainyo chahida
No, no , I dont want your heart !

Ik tuhi mere naal nahiyon jachda
You are the only one (male) who doesnt look good next to me !

M- Dol jani , mere paas aa teri mehrbani
One who walks with a sway , please come next to me

F- Jhoot bolda , neeyat mein hai teri baimani
You speak lies , your intentions are to betray

M- Kurti meri cheet di , dupta tera lehrya
My pants are white , your scarf is swaying

Hindustani rani banja , raja ki tu doriya
Indian princess become a queen of this king

F- Main kuddi Punjab di , mera resham da rumal weh
I am a girl of Punjab , my hankie is of silk

Zindagi bar nahin pulega kardoongi tera au hal weh
For a lifetime you wont forget , I will make your condition so sorry

M-nainyon tere bin dil nainyon lagda
No , my heart is not content without you

Tuje dekhde hi dil mera nachda
Just seeing you makes my heart dance

F- Na dekh chale chale , dil wekh chale chale , mujhe chodh chale chale , na chaed chale chale
Dont look at me simpleton , look after your own heart , go away from me , dont tease me

Aakar deewana dildar ho gaya ,isko sambalo yeh bekaar ho gaya
He was mad and has become infatuated with me , support him -he is now of no use to anyone

M- Mera yaar bale bale , dildar bale bale , inkaar bale bale bale , ikraar bale bale
My friend you are remarkable , my love ., you refuse with style , you admit with style

Dekha tujhe ..
Seeing you I fell in love

F- Nainyo ..
I dont want your heart

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