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Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi song from movie Swades.

Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi translation (Swades) Movie : Swades
Song : Yuun Hi Chala Chal Raahi

yuun hii chala chal raahii
keep roaming thus oh traveler

kitnii hasiin hai yeh duniya
how beautiful this world is

bhuul saare jhamele dekh phuulon ke mele
forget all your turmoil and enjoy the profusion of flowers

baRii rangiin hai yeh duniya
how colorful this world is


yeh raasta hai kah raha ab mujhse
these pathways call out to me and say

milne ko hai koii kahiin ab tujhse ho..
somewhere someone's waiting for you

dil ko hai kyon yeh betaabii
why is the heart restless

kisse mulaaqaat honii hai
who is it going to meet

jiska kabse armaan tha
what the heart most desired

shaayad wohii baat honii hai
maybe that's about to happen

yuun hii chala chal raahii
keep roaming thus oh traveler

jiivan gaRii hai samay pahiya
life is the vehicle and time is the wheel

aansuu kii nadiyaan bhii hain
you fimd a flood of tears

khushiyon kii bagiyaan bhii hain
and a garden of happiness

raasta sab tera take bhaiyya
everyone is waiting for you, brother

yuun hii chala chal raahii...
keep roaming thus oh traveler

dekhuun jidhar bhii in raahon mein
wherever I look in these paths
rang pighalte hain nigaahon
I find colors melting in gazes

THanDHii hawa hai THanDHii chhaanv
hai cool breezes give cool shade

duur woh jaane kiska gaanv hai
far away is who knows who's village

baadal yeh kaisa chhaaya
what sort of cloud has spread

dil yeh kahaa.n le aaya
where has the heart brought me

sapna yeh kya dikhlaaya hai mujhko
what dreams has it shown me

har sapna sach lage jo prem agan jale
every dream comes true when the fires of love are lit

jo raah tu chale apne man kii
the path you choose of your heart

har pal kii siip se motii hii tuu chune
you will find pearls in every oyster of time

jo tuu sada sune apne man kii
when you listen to your heart

yuu.n hii chala chal raahii...
keep roaming thus oh traveler

man apne ko kuch aise halka paaye
the heart feels lightened

jaise kandhon pe rakha bojh haT jaaye
like a burden lifted from the shoulders

jaise bhola sa bachpan phir se aaye
lke the innocent childhood has come back

jaise barson mein koii ganga nahaaye
like bathing in the ganges after a long time

dhul sa gaya hai yeh
man my heart feels pure

khul sa gaya har bandhan
now bonds are strengthened

jiivan ab lagta hai paavan mujhko
now life feels fresh and new

jiivan mein priit hai honTHon pe giit hai
life is filled with love and the lips have a song at it's tips

bas yeh hii jiit hai sun le raahii
this is your victory oh traveler

tuu jis disha bhii jaa tuu pyaar hii luTa
wherever you go may you always find love

tuu diip hii jala sun le raahii
and blaze a path oh traveler

yuun hii chala chal raahii
keep roaming thus oh traveler

kaun yeh mujhko pukaare
who calls out to me?

nadiya pahaaR jhiil aur jharne jangal aur vaadii
river, mountain, stream and lake, forest and valley

in men hai kiske ishaare
who's beckoning hand do i see there?

yuun hii chala chal raahii...
keep roaming thus oh traveler

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