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Kya Dekh Rahe Ho Tum Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Kya Dekh Rahe Ho Tum song from movie Taal.

Kya Dekh Rahe Ho Tum translation (Taal) kya dekh rahi ho tum mere aankhon mein
What are you looking at in my eyes?

thoda sa khumaar hai teri aankhon mein
Your eyes seem a little lovesick.

are kuchh bhi nahin hai mere aankhon mein
Oh, there's nothing at all in my eyes!

kahin ek khwaab hai teri aankhon mein
Perhaps it's a dream we see in your eyes.

are nahin voh janaab ji mere aankhon mein
No sir, nothing like that in my eyes!

thoda sa to pyaar hai teri aankhon me
there's a little bit of... love in your eyes!

pyaar haan
Love! Yes!

pyaar na
Love? No!

pyaar haan
Yes, love!

na na na na na
No no no no no!

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