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Khwabo Si Jo Ek Baat Thi Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the translation of Khwabo Si Jo Ek Baat Thi song from movie War Chhod Na Yaar.

Khwabo Si Jo Ek Baat Thi translation (War Chhod Na Yaar) Khwabo si jo ek baat thi
Something that was like a wish

Aaj woh sach hui
today, it has come true

Khwabon si jo ek baat thi
Something that was like a wish

Aaj woh sach hui
today, it has come true

Dil me kahi jo aas thi
Hope that was lingering in my heart

Kal woh rang layegi
Tomorrow that only will bear fruit

(Sab ko hai yakin yaha
Everyone has the confidence

Woh subah aayegi) - (2)
that the morning would come - 2

Tufan hai hum
We are a storm

apna hunnar malum hai
We know our skills

Jis or bhi hum chal pade
Wherever we proceed

Rasta naya milta waha
We make our own ways

Dabi hui si jo aag thi
The fire that was smoldering

Subah hui to jal padi
started burning in the morning

(Har soo door tak
Till near and far

Roshni bikhar gayi) - (2)
The light has spread - 2

Suraj ka hai jab hausla
When we are as confident as the sun

Toh kyu bhala hum chup rahe
Then why should we keep quite

Lohe ki bhi deewar ho pighla din hum
We shall melt even the wall of iron

Ab kyu shae
Why should we bear now?

Yaha waha jaha bhi dekha hai
Wherever we look here and there

Nazar nazar gazab ki tewar hai
There is a strange attitude in every eye

Ulaj gayi hai chaal mohoro ki
The game plans of pawns have been turned away

Eet ka jawab pattar hai
Reply with a stone to every brick thrown at you

Zubaan zubaan pe ik charcha hai
Every tongue just has one thing to say

Inquilab aaj ayega
A revolution will take place today

Josh sarfire iraadon ka
The spirit of crazy minds

Aaj dekho rang layega
will bear fruit today

Badli zamin, ye aasman
This earth and sky have changed

Niklega ab suraj naya
Now a new sun will rise

Charo taraf hai khalbali
There is commotion everywhere

Hona tha jo woh ho gaya
that everything that has happened had to happen

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